"Rita is a knowledgeable, dynamic and creative teacher—willing and able to work with students of most abilities.  While the foundation of her class is Ashtanga Vinyasa—with its alignment of movement and breath—Rita frequently reads from thoughtful essays and mixes in refinements and combinations of poses from a variety of yoga traditions that keep her classes engaging and fresh."

- Peter

"...During the last decade, I have had the great good fortune of happening upon some of the most exacting and devoted teachers of the discipline. ...Last summer I had the chance to participate in one of Rita's classes. Now I am a devotee, traveling about an hour every week... to learn from Rita."

- Julie

"Yoga has transformed me on so many levels.  I was originally looking for solitude in hopes that yoga would deliver--and it did.  I later sought a physical challenge, and once again, yoga delivered.  But only now do I fully appreciate the benefits of this type of practice on a daily basis.  Yoga has the ability to change your view of the world and most importantly, yourself.  Thank you Rita."

- Tiffany

"I am so grateful that [my friend] told me about your yoga classes. I loved every minute that I spent in your class, from your thoughtful words and insight, the challenging yoga, and of course, the lavender mist and China Gel!"

- Wendy

"I started going to Flow Yoga taught by Rita Adams quite a while ago.  I wanted a local provider that fit with my schedule. I knew that yoga was the way to gain flexibility and reduce the likelihood of certain injuries, especially [of my] back. What I've gained in addition to [that] is a much firmer core and toned arms. I look forward to my weekly sessions."

- Dan

"This morning's class was SO awesome!!!!  They are all wonderful, but it FINALLY clicked in place for me.  I came to class rushed, running late, not feeling good (bad headache) and left headache-free, relaxed (feeling "intoxicated") and I'm having a fantastic day. ...My goal was to get relaxed in class and boy, did I!"

- Denise

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